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Bespoke Cottage Kitchen - Passfield, Hampshire

Bespoke 'pigeon' cottage kitchen

Our client required a bespoke kitchen that effectively utilised an unusually shaped kitchen space. The property was a beautiful old cottage, and we aimed to retain its classic country styling whilst making the most of the kitchen's layout and functionality.

From the start, it was clear that the island needed to reflect the room's unique contours. The positioning of the Aga and sink was fixed, which influenced the layout of the island and the overall kitchen design. We explored various configurations for the island, fridge, and sideboard to ensure the best use of space and efficient kitchen workflow.

To complement the cottage's charm, we chose to maintain a classic country styling for the cabinetry. We selected Farrow & Ball Pigeon for the cabinets, a muted green-grey that added a timeless and elegant touch to the space. The new stone flooring further enhanced the charming yet sophisticated feel of the kitchen. For the countertops, we chose marble quartz, which provided a durable and luxurious work surface. Antique brass cup handles, knobs, and matching butt hinges were chosen for the hardware, adding a vintage elegance that tied the design together.

Functionality was a priority in this design. We ensured there was ample worktop space for various activities, from cooking and baking to entertaining. The spacious layout allowed for comfortable family gatherings and social events, making the kitchen not only a place for meal preparation but also a welcoming area for spending time with friends and family.

This project highlights the importance of bespoke design in creating a kitchen that is both functional and beautiful, handcrafted to fit an unusual space perfectly. By carefully selecting materials and maintaining a cohesive aesthetic, we achieved a harmonious blend of practicality and classic charm, ideal for a lovely country cottage.


Charter Walk Kitchens specialise in bespoke kitchens in Surrey, Hampshire and West Sussex. Our passion for luxury kitchens is obvious in the quality and finish of our designs.



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