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Luxury In-Frame Kitchen - Haslemere, Surrey

Luxury In-Frame Kitchen - Haslemere, Surrey

Working with our clients at Tennyson's Ridge at Haslemere was a great experience. The kitchen project was a large design, and we worked closely with the clients to explore different options until we agreed on the layout and positioning of the key cabinets.

It was essential to ensure that the rooms flowed seamlessly, especially the kitchen through to the pantry room, where we had a walk-in corner larder and a free-standing fridge, leaving the main kitchen free of tall cabinets. The existing Lacanche cooker was the key focal feature, with the island centred in front as you entered the room.

One of the main objectives was to make the dresser design stand out on the wall where the previous main part of the kitchen was located and to create a stunning visual impact. Lighting and colour played a significant role, and we used a double ogee edge detail on the dark steel grey granite to give the impression of an independent piece of cabinetry. This approach helped us achieve the desired effect of setting it apart from the rest of the kitchen cabinets.

We needed the utility room to be functional and practical while maintaining a good flow from the kitchen and not blocking the internal window. Therefore, we chose to use the same light-coloured granite that we had used in the kitchen. This would help to reflect the light and avoid any absorption. Additionally, we designed a bespoke shelf that was high enough to prevent any obstruction of the entrance but also suitable for drying clothes on hangers.

We incorporated an angled bevel detail within the door's recess, along with burnished brass hinges, matching cups and knobs. These elements perfectly complemented the room's colour tone, which is crucial to the interior design. Our primary objective is always to create a homely, luxurious, and high-quality finish that meets our clients' expectations. We were able to achieve this goal with this project.


Charter Walk Kitchens specialise in bespoke kitchens in Surrey, Hampshire and West Sussex. Our passion for luxury kitchens is obvious in the quality and finish of our designs.



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